Victor Mercadier

Winegrower & Vinpressionniste Creator

For Victor Mercadier, it may have all started as a child with a few drops of red wine in the water that children were poured on special occasions in a silver cup, perpetuating a tradition no doubt as old as wine. Immersed very young in the world of wine, Victor Mercadier made origins which nourished his passion for his profession.

The first landmark in its history with wine is a family estate in Languedoc - La Canague Vieille (The Old Canague) - acquired by his great-grandfather Mercadier who passed it on to his grandfather who himself passed it on to his father. He is the 4th generation to invest in the family estate where every summer since he walks, the animation of the harvest has left new memories in his memory.

On his return from the United States in 2013 where Victor Mercadier carried out his first experience in the export of wine as a Brand Ambassador for an importer of the East Coast, this estate was put up for sale after years of his father's efforts - doctor and tireless worker - to save it by leading a brilliant career as an ophthalmic surgeon, and a vitivinicultural activity that has become the business of specialists.

Determined since then to continue in the world of wine and to do everything to one day pass on the estate ; but with much more to learn, Victor Mercadier was able to rely on the uncommon strength and tenacity of his father, exhilarated by these new perspectives, to replant and once again consider the future of La Canague Vieille in the family.

Victor Mercadier now works alongside his father to complete the restructuring of the property to one day make it a great estate in Languedoc-Roussillon.

The second most significant place in its history with wine is a Bordeaux property which hosted the wedding of its parents when the château was a family property: Château Suduiraut, 1st cru classé in 1855. In addition to the great vintages tasted occasionally with the family, Victor Mercadier has in particular an in-depth knowledge of the pools in which he regularly fell as a child, to the chagrin of his mother who always provided for spare clothes ...

Thus, from the luxury of the great Bordeaux châteaux to the rustic character of the domains of the Languedoc-Roussillon plain, the origins of Victor Mercadier in the world of wine have merged to lead him today to become a staunch ambassador of the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon in particular, through the concept of "Vinpressionnisme"; with a Languedocian image of 2021 and wines that defy the old reputation of the region. His challenge: to hook up a new wagon to the running Languedoc-Roussillon train, following the recognized locomotives of the region. And one day become a driving force in Languedoc-Roussillon.

It is therefore from a family in which viticulture has been present for generations, from Languedoc to Bordeaux, that Victor Mercadier has been evolving professionally for nearly 10 years in the world of wine, with a strong international vocation.

After his very formative experience as a Brand Ambassador in New York, Victor Mercadier was a teacher on availability in Moscow (initiation to tasting was his favorite area ...) for nearly a year at the French Institute in Moscow while he was taking courses at the Pushkin Institute with the aim of developing his knowledge of Russian and later playing his card in this great country.

On his return in 2014, Victor Mercadier felt the need to start again from the base, to expand his knowledge of wines and BtoC sales by working as a wine merchant, and of BtoB sales as a sales representative in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

Still in Paris, and eager to complete his vision with a restaurant experience, Victor Mercadier worked as a bar sommelier in the 1st arrondissement to discover the greatest wines that the French terroirs have to offer us.

On his return to the South of France in 2015, on the strength of a base of well-layered experiences and an increased linguistic background, the next step - and initial objective to find outlets in the future restructured domain - was naturally to start his experiences as an export manager for houses in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

For Belgium and the Netherlands first, then the United States (with a sort of return) and Eastern Europe.

In 2019, Victor Mercadier created his company and set out to conquer markets that were then unexplored for him, representing partner winegrowers (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan…).

During - and nourished - of his adventures, the concept "Vinpressionniste" came as a creative synthesis to illuminate his dreams.

Victor Mercadier has since worked to interpret his inspiration and translate it into a concrete achievement: the collection of the Vinpressionnistes.


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