An Illustration of Gastronomic Impressionism dedicated to wine, by the Impressionism of painting.

Everyone knows the impressionism of painting. Well, I wondered if Impressionism could be gastronomic and especially dedicated to wine. And if we could imagine a bridge between these two impressionisms...

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If we could illustrate gastronomic impressionism by pictorial impressionism. Hence the slogan of the collection: Passerelle des Arts (bridge of the Arts).

This is how the concept of "Vinpressionnisme" was born: how to visually express the organoleptic qualities of wine. Pictorial impressionism illustrates winemaker impressionism we might say.

When I worked as a wine merchant in Paris, we assigned color codes to wines with a green dot for white and brown for red.
So I had inspirations to push the principle further with complex visual compositions - major impressionist art works - to illustrate wine profiles according to my vision and my taste.

Aujourd’hui, je ne propose pas seulement des vins de qualité illustrés par des peintures fascinantes, mais aussi une certaine conception du lien qui les relie. »

Victor Mercadier
— Winegrower and Vinpressionniste creator

Contemplate, taste, you might just be Vinpressed!

Fragrances, colors and sounds respond to each other

Charles Baudelaire, The evil flowers

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Each creation was made with the aim of marrying the qualities of the wines with the tones, the emotions of each artwork, in the sense of the concept: a floral and aromatic viognier illustrated with a pretty lady with an umbrella in a flowery field under the fertile brush of Monet… A warm, elegant and powerful blend of Syrah and Marselan illustrated by a proud steed that seems to jump from its frame with ardor, by Meissonier…


"PRESTIGE" Collection


Portrait Victor Mercadier

Victor Mercadier

Winegrower & Vinpressionniste Creator

Victor Mercadier est la 4ème génération d’une famille de producteurs de Bordeaux jusqu’en Languedoc. Passionné de vin et d’art, Victor travaille depuis 10 ans dans le commerce du vin et la viticulture. Il propose aujourd’hui un nouveau concept: l’impressionnisme gastronomique dédié au vin et illustré. L’union de créations de vins et d’œuvres impressionnistes, un concept unique et nouveau dans lequel le vigneron est considéré comme un véritable artiste. L’art dans l’art.

Art and Wine are the highest joys of free men


Great wine requires a madman to grow the vine, a wise man to watch over it, a lucid poet to make it, and a lover to drink it

Salvador Dali

Art and wine are used to bring peoples together


The first ‎ vinpression is always the right one

A quality requirement

Wines carefully selected for their excellent quality and their characteristics sought in the conceptual marriage of each Vinpressionniste work.

Sensitivity to environment

sustainable approach with also soon an organic Vinpressionniste collection.

An art gallery on the table

Arrange a few bottles and your table will immediately take on another dimension ...

A subject of cultural conversation

We often talk about what surrounds us and inspires us. Sit down at the Galerie des Vinpressionnistes with a glass of wine for a dinner with friends...